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    Unhappy CONFUSED please help~

    So I'm not going to say too much, bc all of us hate to read novels about other ppls history...

    But this one guy I have been texting for a month or so now hasn't texted me for a week. We had never met in person, so I totally get that he doesn't owe me anything, and I understand that if he was Interested in me (romantically) he would have made a move a long time ago. That being said, I just want to be friends, but since I have texted him 2 or 3 times within the past week (to kind of see if he would "pick up the ball"), I don't know if I should send him a message that's like "hey, I totally understand if you have too much going on to have something (even relatively) serious right now, but I don't think anything went sour enough for either of us to "burn a bridge" on our friendship...":

    My main question is is it Not even worth my time to ask for the friendship back? I mean I would never just ignore someone for a week straight...do I even want his friendship at all if that's who he is?? I think I started to like him as more, prematurely, but still, I never came on any stronger than I had with anyone else (in fact I was more reserved, since we hadn't met)

    i'm also worried that maybe he's just not talking to me bc valentine's day is coming up and he doesn't want something serious.... (though I don't understand that, because I never asked for us to be anything serious...)

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    I would ask him what's up. I don't see anything that could go wrong. What do you think might happen if you text him? I'd say go for it.
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