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    Lightbulb Favoryte type of Panties!!!

    My favorite type of panties are the white and pink striped panties and the all pure white panties!!!What are you'r favorite type of panties ya'll ...?!?

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    My favorites are bikinis. Right now I do not have any favorites, I have twenty-eight that I bought after I lost everything in a fire (27 are Hanes and 1 is made of satin and lace which came with a bra). I did buy twenty-one (7 bikinis 7 thongs 7 boyshorts) and I will start wearing them all when I will start wearing my new clothes (i will keep the others for when i am on my periods).
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    The kind that fit me... Or, whatever my mom buys for me... Lol. I don't have much of a preference.
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