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    Symptoms of a crush?

    Hey, just wondering:
    For people out there, I'm sure they would LOVE a list of... err... "symptoms" of a crush/ being crushed on.

    I've also been wondering about that too. There's this guy I like, and I'm not totally sure if he likes me or not, or if he's just being nice or something...

    So, list away! :3
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    In my imagination
    1. Trying to be near you a lot
    2. Acting different around you than others
    3. Being shy/blushing
    4. Staring
    5. Stuttering
    6. Giving you gifts

    That's all I've got, lol.
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    Study his body language.

    Notice how he leans towards you, or how his pupils dilate. Watch for him showing a sudden, previously unexpressed interest in things that you like and do!

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