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    I was a voracious meat eater until I turned 18. Suddenly, and I mean virtually over night, I became a 'vegetarian' and never looked back. Something personal happened that I won't go into, might be considered personally traumatic in some sense of the word so maybe that helped me to change. There were things I had considered about meat that were disgusting, but I still ate loads of it until that day. I had always fretted internally about the animals it was killing, but couldn't stop eating meat until that day.

    I have not seriously missed eating meat since. There is a brand here (Australia) called Sanitarium who made good veggie burgers that I greatly enjoyed. They've been taken off the shelves here, to my dismay. I can't imagine the meat version being any tastier and I ate them for 18 years so I should have some idea. They have good veggie sausages that don't taste so nice alone, but put into puff pastry make delicious sausage rolls. Most vegetarian burgers and sausages I can get here I don't care for.

    I'm not technically vegetarian in the sense that I don't like most vegetables either, but I am a non-meat eater.

    *I do miss gelatin snakes and marshmallows, but both can be made without gelatin if they desired to branch out their markets. In fact, traditional marshmallow is vegetarian.
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