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    Best shampoo ever :3...!!!

    The best shampoo that will make your hair soft and with lots of volume is "Head Shoulders-Volume" shampoo...tyr it and reply how it worked for you :3...!!!

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    I like that shampoo too (like all their products - even tried the men shampoos and it worked fine for me). I have to use anti-dandruffs shampoo six times a week or else my hair will be oily then the dandruffs will show.

    Right now the day off I am using a two in one of Strawberry Shortcake, I love it, it smells good and it leaves my hair looking nice and my hair also have volume. I am also using another anti-dandruffs shampoo right now (Pert Plus), I wanted to change brand for at least the time of a bottle, it is good but Head & Shoulders is better.
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