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    Wink Hello Ya'll...!!!

    Hello ya'll...how's it going :3...?!?

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    I am tired. Tennis is in Europe so that means getting up early since I am in Canada. Started a few days before it started since Rafael Nadal lost in the Second Round in Miami. It's probably my last year watching Tennis so I am enjoying it to the fullest everytime he plays.

    I also started walking again Monday. I walk after checking my emails after my morning routine and when Ralfie will play I will walk after his matches.

    My Hockey team has not made the Playoffs but my favorite player has win the leading scorer title so I will at least see him when they will give the trophies at the end of the season plus if he is not too hurt he will represent Canada at the World Hockey Championships.

    Besides that nothing is going on. My life is still a hell but I am slowly trying to get out of it. I have to start by getting rid of my laziness and that is my focus right now.
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