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Thread: a suggestion :D

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    a suggestion :D

    hey! do you know that bothers me HKO? I have to go to london, paris, florapolis ... and I sold out long in such a trip and travel ... and it is hard to get tickets
    What do you think if you add a new quest, which is not ... I say: Go to florapolis and get this, go to sanrio harbour and get this and that ... and in London that, and when you finish this quest that you give away a "premium ticket" with which you can travel whenever you want: D
    I think all its going to be more easy

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    Or at least they could make it that instead of Bronze Ticket "one use per 48 hrs" they make it "6 uses per day." Not all of us have the money to buy those nice Item Mall tickets...
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    Sorry, but what exactly do you mean by "premium ticket", silverandy?

    And at what point should this suggested quest be available in the game?

    You might already know that there is a quest-chain in London which will earn you a Sunbright Express Bronze Ticket to be used once every 48 hours? This quest-chain starts with the quest "Rail, Derailed" at the Train Conductor in London, the following quests are called "Under Construction", "Power Up!" and at last "All Aboard!"

    There are also three other Sunbright Express Tickets offered in the Item-Mall:
    * a Sunbright Express Diamond Ticket (unlimited use of Sunbright Express for 30 days) for 235 Cash Points (to pay with real money),
    * a Sunbright Express Gold Ticket (unlimited use of Sunbright Express for 12 days) for 165 Cash Points
    * and a Sunbright Express Silver Ticket (unlimited use of Sunbright Express for 5 days) for 120 Cash Points.
    425 Cash Points can be bought for 4,95 US-$ at the moment.

    Okay, maybe you know all that already, but other readers might not...

    Yes, there are some quests that will make you travel across all over Sanrio Land, even a few that will send you from Beijing to Sanrio Harbour and back again! But even if walking around may "feel" to take a long time, did you ever check your watch/computer-clock? It only takes a few minute in reality! The dilly-dally-animation just makes travelling seem to take much, much longer than it actually does
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    It does get annoying when you have to travel everywhere. But really that's the challenge of the game. If it gets annoying just go to the Item Mall. Or go to HKO Wiki and you can judge the best qst to use your Bronze ticket.

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