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    New player - two questions.

    OK, so I have two questions.

    First, when you start the game I'm told it is possible to talk to Dear Daniel to get a knife that you can use to kill The Hello Kitty. I am not sure what kind of knife this is supposed to be - a traditional Gurkha kukri knife is the most common suggestion on the I Want to Kill the Hello Kitty Website (www.iwanttokillthehellokitty.edu), but some people say that it is a common kitchen butcher knife and I don't know who to believe but when I go to talk to Dear Daniel none of him knows anything about knives to kill The Hello Kitty with no matter how loud I try to yell. Is there some way of yelling louder about killing The Hello Kitty that I need to yell before I get the knife or is there another way to kill The Hello Kitty that I do not yet understand? If it is the latter, how do I come to understand what it is that I must do to kill The Hello Kitty? It is very important to me that I kill The Hello Kitty.

    Second, I have a second question. According to The Ultimate Hello Kitty Online Super Unauthorized Strategy Guide (http://www.theultimatehellokittyonli...ategyguide.mil), it is possible for to pour poison into The Hello Kitty's ear to kill The Hello Kitty while The Hello Kitty is sleeping. Then you get to be King of Kitty Denmark and try to stop The Hello Kitty Junior from killing you. But to do this, according to www.iwanttokillthehellokitty.ac.uk, you must start from the start location by Flood Control Dam #3 and then GO TO GAZEBO. OPEN TOOLBOX. TAKE PACKET. EAST. EAST. LOOK THE HELLO KITTY SENIOR. OPEN PACKET. SHAKE POWDER. TAKE WINE. MIX POWDER WITH WINE. POUR MIXTURE IN THE HELLO KITTY SENIOR EAR. WAIT. PRESS GREEN BUTTON. WAIT. TAKE CROWN. MARRY GERTRUDE. FURNISH WEDDING TABLE COLDLY WITH FUNERAL BAKED MEATS. BE KING OF KITTY DENMARK. But when you say "PRESS GREEN BUTTON" the game says "I don't know what you mean. What button are you talking about?" Then I can't kill The Hello Kitty and I get very angry indeed. Please help - I very much want to kill The Hello Kitty.

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    Two words...troll fail.

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    ROFL. I don't think you're playing the game correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofle887@mymelody.com View Post
    xD! *coughs*Fake Links...xD*coughs*
    With the many years of the hatred for Hello Kitty, I can see why.
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