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Thread: Martial Arts!

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    Martial Arts!

    Anyone tried Martial arts? I got a call from a Martial arts place because I entered a contest to get free lessons for a year! It sounds really cool, and I really am looking forward to getting those free lessons. Anyone ever tried Martial Arts? :3
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    I used to be a judoka (judo practicioneer).

    Martial arts it's really good for you, and you can learn bucketloads about yourself. There are martial arts from all over the world.

    If I could choose now one, I might go for capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), krav maga, or maybe muay thai. Insofar as martial arts can be considered having discipline over one's own body, I'd like to try parkour some day (although parkour isn't martial arts, strictly speaking, due to the lack of established attack moves).
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    I used to do Karate when I was 9 lol but didn't like it, but my brother has done tae-kwon-do since he was like 6, and now he's 11 and a black belt!

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    Martial arts are neat. I sometimes daydream about doing them with my fictional crush xD
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