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Thread: Pet Level

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    Pet Level

    I was wondering what is max level of pets?

    Also, do some pets give better stats then others? Or are they all the same?

    Thanks for any answers! ^_^

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    All pets, save one, have max level 20. Pyrodon has a glitch where it will get to level 21, and will continue to earn XP, but will never get beyond level 21.

    Different pets have different stats. The basic rule of thumb is that the lower level the monster, the lower the stats will be, so a Boxpig will have lessor stats than say a Banana Kart. The exclusive pets and the item mall (cash) pets have better stats than world pets.

    If you want to know more about pets, see http://wiki.hellokittyonline.com/index.php/Pets Not all the pets have been documented.

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