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    Lightbulb Taci's Guide to Moles

    (This is compiled from what I've wrote in previous threads. Feel free to add in tips, comments, questions or horror stories as needed.)
    Tacitala's Guide to Moles in HKO
    Moles were supposed to be disabled, since the scarecrows are no longer in the stores (and won't work if you have one). Obviously they haven't been. ._.;;

    There are several forms of mole invasions. The first is the type that was bugged from the get go: either a star mole or a small group of regular moles asleep on your farm. The only to get rid of them is to log out, wait about 5 minutes, and log back on*. The next type is that same star mole awake and attacking you as soon as you return to your farm. You needed to knock him out, but since he's level 22, lower level characters might need help. Third is a "quick attack" by a group of moles that pops up, eats a 2x2 patch of your crops then disappears off. There's nothing that you can do but cuss if that happens- they don't stick around long enough to do anything about them. Finally there's the "mole wave" invasion: groups of the regular moles pop up repeatedly eating your crops until you defeat both them and the level 22 star mole that shows up at the end. I haven't had that type happen to me, but from descriptions on here, it can wreck your whole farm.

    Generally there are three things that attract moles- at least from what I've seen. Higher level crops will attract them more than lower level crops. Having a large amount of crops (including the dead plants) will make them more likely. Lastly, there seems to be plants they like more than others. Just by observation it seems they love daikon radishes but hate grapes.

    *Sometimes you may have to fully quit out of the game client and restart it. While I haven't had to go so far, I've heard of people having to flat out restart their computers to get rid of the sleeping star mole. Hopefully just logging out will work.

    If anyone from the development team is reading: please, please, please find a way to get rid of the “sleeping moles”. If not that, then take the moles out completely.
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    I have been hit by 'mole wave' invasions so many times. It's really frustrating. When they said the moles were deactivated, some time ago, I got excited and actually planned out and planted a full garden. I discovered they were in fact still active a day or two later when they returned and wiped the whole thing out.

    While they do not seem to attack when I have only 4 or 5 plants, I never plant more than I immediately need to anymore, and I completely pick everything as soon as possible.

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    Garden Chronicles

    Quote Originally Posted by eryn_lasgalen@hellokitty.com View Post
    While they do not seem to attack when I have only 4 or 5 plants, I never plant more than I immediately need to anymore, and I completely pick everything as soon as possible.
    Yes, I've found that too. In fact, I only try to plant one type of plant at a time and immediately chop them when they're dead. The only time I ever had an invasion was during the second Japan event, when my garden was absolutely full. I had been lazy and not chopped my dead plants, and sure enough, I got a mole wave that wiped out my sweet potatoes! But earlier that day...

    I had a Star Mole in my garden who would not get out when I logged in and out. Then I decided to restart my computer. I logged back in to HKO, and guess what I found? 6 little moles sleeping in my garden!!!!! I restarted my computer all day, and at 10 pm, I finally just got a mole wave (the same as I mentioned in the paragraph above) and then the Star Mole boss, and after that, I logged out and in one more time, and the moles were gone. Hoorah!!

    But I must say something: The other day, my garden was devoid of any veggie or fruit, even dead ones, but I had a big ol' Star Mole there, awake! So I take him down single-handed, and what do I get?? 1 stinkin' fertilizer!!!!!! It took me 20 donuts and 5 minutes to take down that sucker!!! DX

    Couldn't I at least have gotten a pet card for all the horror he and his minions had brought me??
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