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    Appearance:Tall (taller then me),Brown eyes,dark or black hair and,glasses is a plus!
    It would be nice if he was smart,Athletic,FUN,down to earth,and likes trying new things
    That is how my crush is LOL!
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    oh someone who will are about me, comfort me when i feel horrible, tell me how pretty i am (i think i am ugly i no its sad but i seriously do and people are starting to notice my acne and call me ugly or scary), make my self esteem better, who's not fat or skinny more like the normal weight, a caring person, dark colored hair, south asian (like me ), muslim (like meh again....), no cussing unless if its about dictators/ bad preidents, tall like 6 feet 1 inch somewhere round there can be 5 foot 9 too, smart, and atletic.

    Very hard find which is most likely never to happen.
    You dont see that many tall south asians nowadays and that many athletic asians in general. you see a lot of smart asians instead LOL

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    I like a guy who is willing to compromisew and is committed... to our relationship.. ^_^

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