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    I love Madonna lol
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    Lady Gaga.

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    Iam a music Junkie but I so so love Lady Gaga she is best of all time. she may dress cool which some may thing not and she acts different and acts weird but I so love her and the meat dress was a weird outfit but all her music and videos so so rock. I like her new video marry the night but Bad Romance will be a classic for life. but all her videos just are so so awesome. go Gaga keep singing and keep being your self and if any Lady Gaga fans check out my thread under music on forums its called Who Loves Lady Gaga and is there any Lady Gaga fans out there?

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    I love both Lady Gaga and Miku Hatsune! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairybutterfly@hellokitty.com View Post
    I hate bieber!
    i don't think we're suppost to post "hate" posts. thats against the rules.

    anyway, i like journey the most! thats mostly a band, haha XD

    go, panda, GO!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diane46@mymelody.com View Post
    i don't think we're suppost to post "hate" posts. thats against the rules.
    That is right, mom! No "hate posts" are allowed here. (Also in Sanriotown, too.) This is a thread that where you list out singers/bands that you love/like, not hate. Becides, thats against the rules. Besides #2, Justin Bieber does NOT stink, the person that posted above FairyButterfly.

    This thread is now avaliable for singers/bands that you love/like, NOT HATE.

    Thanks and have a great day.
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    My favorite bands are The Beatles and The Corrs.
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    My favorite singer is Olivia Lufkin. Sings in Japanese and English.

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    Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

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