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    i love ke$ha......we are who we are!!!!

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    Jena Lee. ^^
    / Lain.
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    Sharon den Adel, the lead singer of Within Temptation has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. *_*

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    Ronnie James Dio, forever! \m/

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    Michael Jackson is the best singer. I really miss him.

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    i love utada hikaru..

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskeroppi@kuririnmail.com View Post
    i love utada hikaru..

    I like her too as well as Miho Fukuhara.

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    Lady Gaga is my all time favorite singer. she is just awesome.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by psychoboy@hellokitty.com View Post
    Favorite pop soloist is Bjork. Okay she dresses funny and has kind of creepy music, I know, I know, but she is so good and has real musical value to her work.
    Bjork is awsome no questions asked!!! Also try Ellie Goulding. She's an awesome brit!!! Plus she rocks live!

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    Iván Barrios, I love him!!

    He's not really that well known outside of Central America and some South American countries, though....

    It does help that he´s some eyecandy and really talented:

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