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    kyuhyun from super junior. :P i really like him, lol.

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    kelly clarkson: breakaway, because of u, behind these hazel eyes, never again, what doesnt kill u makes u stronger, miss independent, since u been gone, dark side, mr.know it all,

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    Selena GOMEZ!

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    'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'
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    I also like Selena Gomez,Victoria Justisie,Miranda Cosgrove,Black Eyed Peas,And LMFAO!

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    Here's hoping there are girls my age and younger who actually recognize who this is.

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    SNSD ^^ (it's a group but)

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    Tarja Turunen! But only when she was in Nightwish; her voice is amazing, but it was Nightwish that made it epic.

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    Eminem. For a group singer it is Till Lindemann from Rammstein. And for the women it is Britney Spears.
    If you fall, I'll be there. - Floor

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