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    [Suggestion] Storage Pages

    Who here has no space in their farm storage anymore? Who here created an account for the sole purpose to get more storage spaces? Who here has had to sell Quest rewards, that they can never get back to have more room in their storage?

    With all the events giving us awesome clothing items, not to mention all the quest non-transferable items, the ability to create storage space or pages would be extremely helpful.

    Every furniture with drawers, such as the wardrobe, desk with drawers and others could give us an extra storage spaces. For example: the desk with drawers could get +5 storage while the wardrobe could give +20 storage. There are at least 6 furniture that can give us extra storage spaces. It doesn't need to be a whole entire page, because then everyone would just have those in their houses, but a couple extra spaces.

    Or perhaps every farm upgrade we get an extra storage page? So with a level 4 farm we'd have 5 storage pages and with a level 8, 6 storage pages.

    We've unlocked inventory space when we level up, why not unlock storage pages too? At level 20 add another storage page and then again at 30?

    To go along with one of the above to options, you could have them in the Item Mall. But they should not be only in the Item Mall. We should be able to get more storage pages without spending LP. Because if you make it so storage pages are only in the Item Mall they would end up being fairly expensive and that's something no one wants. It'd be just as easy to create a new character if it's too expensive. Perhaps 300 LP/50 CP?

    Also, some people don't even realize they have a farm storage. Perhaps we could make it a little more noticeable? The drop down menu is a little hard to find, if you don't know it's actually a drop down box you may never find it. Maybe no drop down menu, but an actual button?

    • Practically everyone needs more space, especially with new content coming soon
    • You can keep all the cards you get, instead of choosing which ones you want
    • You do not have to sell any Non-Transferable items anymore, which means you have more clothing options
    • No need to create new accounts purely for storage
    • Since most of the quest rewards are non-transferable, creating a new account is pointless if you want to keep all of it (since you can't transfer it anyway)
    • More likely to use a house
    • Coding it all in
    • might bug up items previously used just for looks
    • some people don't even realize they have storage space
    • too many pages = more chances to not find an item (like you know you have it and you scour through 8 pages of it)

    Agree: 21
    Aunt Dotti (Tacitala)
    balletluver97 (gleek)
    ilima (Dragonfly)
    pinknocorisu (CalypsoCafe)

    Disagree: 0

    From the old forum. Storage space...*drools* Also, should I leave the names of those that already agreed up?
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    Nothing lyssariia@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Any sort of storage upgrade I'm all for! I actually need to keep a list of all my alt's emails so I don't forget where my items are stored. I have 3 storage alts at the moment and they have all 4 pages full. >_< I'm probably too much of a packrat but the storage issue becomes a problem for everyone after some time.

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    Agreed. I have created alts just for storage. But they can only hold transferable items. My main is just about at max capacity with non-transferable items.

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    I would like to re-state my agreement... especially after New York (where most of the rewards are clothes). Granted, the New York clothes can be traded to my alt., but that account is getting full too. XP

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    I totally agree! There is a great demand on storage space if you want to keep some items for future use and have it all neatly sorted in categories!!

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    I would love to have more storage space! I try to keep a stock of items frequently used in quests and combining that with my farm items, clothing items, pet cards, etc. I don't think 4 pages are enough. When the new town becomes available (Tokyo?) I will really be hurting for space or have to discard or sell alot of my saved items.

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    I want more storage space! It's getting crazy trying to figure out which items I need and do not need anymore. Especially with the events!

    <3 CC-chan

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    I completely agree! I don't like to throw away things, I'm always a keeper. :O
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    Especially seeing as we were given so much SCP now....storage pages would come in handy VERY much. :]

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    Agree. DreamSpirit (dreamspirit[AT]mymelody.com).
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