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    Wink 10 Tips for Girl's Beauty and Skin(Part One)

    Here is 10 tips to make your skin and hair shiny and elegant!(2 parts,5 tips in each)

    One of them is a recipe, and it's tip #1! It's for making a Body Bath Skin Shiner Mix!oh:
    Just use some BODY/BODY Pure Botanical Lavender Liquid Bath Soap
    and a bit of L'Occitane En Provence Essential Shampoo Oil Mix.Then squeeze and drip onto soapy skin and mix with water. Rub and lather onto skin to shine,then rinse with water. WARNING!! (This is only to be done while soaking in a tub!)

    TIP#2:Never wipe your hands on clothes while in a diner or sit-in car drive-thru (THAT'S CONSIDERED RUDE!!)

    TIP#3:If you have time, try going to a spa downtown where you live
    to get a pedicure or manicure, maybe a scrub & massage,too.

    TIP#4:I heard if U GET BEAUTY PRODUCTS, look at ingredients on the back of the package!

    TIP#5: Sometimes dermatologists say mud works wonders for skin.
    ( I haven't even tried that technique yet!)

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    Thank you for the advice! People tell me Papaya soap(bar) helps lighten skin and even helps dark spots. Many have said it works.

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    OMG! Thx 4 tips

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    I heard egg is very good for your hair and of course its good for your tummy XD
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    Cocoa butter makes your skin less wrinkled and stuff and less dry.
    this site has some interesting things:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/1..._n_989827.html
    and here's another one http://www.womenshealthmag.com/beaut...ty-tips?page=2

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    Allo, ladies. Here are some more cheap beauty tips:
    - if your roots are greasy and you don't have time to shower, put a veeeery small amount of baby powder along your part. It absorbs the oil.
    - if you're out and about without your powder and your face is getting shiny, take a piece of toilet seat cover paper and use it to blot away grease. Not toilet paper, but the thin toilet seat covers, haha.
    - brushing your teeth with baking soda tastes awful, but it will whiten them on the cheaps.
    - if you get a small burn, put egg whites on it and let dry. When it starts feeling tight or itchy, put on more egg whites. After an hour or so, wash with cool water and repeat the egg white wash when desired. Some of the quickest burn treatments ever.
    - use straws as often as possible if you like to drink soda, etc. Saves your teeth from some acid erosion and staining.
    - shave with hair conditioner instead of fancy shaving cream. Works just as well and your legs will be really soft. ALWAYS moisturize after shaving.
    - if you have a lot of redness in your face, green concealing sticks help hide it before you put foundation on and allows a more even, uniform color. Yellow concealing sticks are good for dark purple areas, like deep bags under the eyes or around the nostrils.
    - acne, as much as it is a hormone thing, can also stem from the diet. I don't mean chocolate, I mean an over abundance of sugar. Try cutting back on soda/junk food and drinking more water, you'll be surprised how much it helps. Not to mention, water is cheaper.

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    bubzbeauty on youtube has some great face masks! I'd say drink loads fo water and make sure you eat 5 fruit a day (and veggies)
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