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    Quote Originally Posted by kuma_kitty@hellokitty.com View Post
    hello hello guildmates
    Hi hi denden! Welcome to the 'new and improved' forum, heheh.

    I sent you an invitation to join the pandits group, so please check your profile inbox ^o^

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    Quote Originally Posted by crayonmonkey@hellokitty.com View Post
    It does seem quiet without you! I didn't realise how moisy you are before! *w~
    blegh should this sound like a compliment 5ana?? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuma_kitty@hellokitty.com View Post
    hello hello guildmates
    Hi denden *waves welcome to the panditz guildthread

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirke_nl@hellokitty.com View Post
    blegh should this sound like a compliment 5ana?? :P
    Why, of course... ( ∀`)σ)∀`)

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    Pandits forum group is now moderated, booo!

    The panditz forum group is now a moderated group, which means anyone wanting to join will have to be approved before they can post. I won't bore you with the reasons why!

    I've sent some invitations, so check your forum-profile-inbox-thingy. If you don't see an invitation either we didn't know your username or you've not posted on the forum for a while (and you've temporarily disappeared from the member listing).

    If you join the group, you'll usually be approved, but please introduce yourself with your IGN in the intro discussion.

    Akk, so formal >.<

    But once you're in, the usual service is resumed ^_~ Spam, spam away!

    Oh, and we want some party ideas, too!

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    I decided to leave the guild because...

    Well I don't want to be in it any more. And I don't log in so much now anyway :3

    I've transferred the forum group to kirke_nl, hopefully she will take on the admin for that (and then I can leave that too).

    Well, thanks for having me, it's been fun!

    Sana x

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    Quote Originally Posted by aframe@hellokitty.com View Post
    We are a very social, helpful, lovely, active and fun guild on HKO where there is always something new to talk about. We often host guild events, giveaways and competitions and have little gatherings and house partys.

    We are all-ages friendly with guildies ranging from 10 - late 30's. We are also global with members from almost every continent (except Antartica hehe). Many of us have been playing since 2009 and together we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we'd love to share with you.

    So, if you like having fun, helping people and making new friends, the Pancake Banditz is the guild for you.

    Head Bandits
    Aframe, Filly, Kirke_nl

    How do I join?
    If you are interested in joining, post a message on our forum or find one of us in game. We want to get to know you before we invite you to make sure you'll fit in (follow the rules, generally be nice). Once we have gotten to know you, you will then recieve an invite from someone with the ability to invite and you will officially become one of us.

    In order for everyone to be happy, we do have a few rules that everyone must follow. Continuous rule breakers will be warned and possibly removed from the guild.

    1. Follow SanrioTown rules.
    2. No bullying or harrassing other members. (This includes name calling and constantly asking for items.)
    3. No spamming guild chat.
    4. Please try and be active. If you know you are going to be away for a while, please try and inform someone beforehand or post on the guild website or forum.

    There is more information about Pancake Banditz including our members at our official website here.

    We look forward to meeting you
    Hi! I would love to join, if I may

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