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Thread: Bad music

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    OMG I LUV techno!!!!! thats my fav type of music! especially dj sotomi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectpanda37@mymelody.com View Post
    ...Ever since I heard Glee's version of Gives You H*ll by Green Day...
    That song is actually by The All American Rejects I believe.

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    Justin Bieber pretty much sums this thread all up. I mean you can even see ads like "Could you be Justin's girlfriend?" I mean I have ads block and I won't prevent me from seeing these ads and this is on SanrioTown!

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    Friday got deleted off youtube but the sad part is that it returned -__- and i hate justin bieber so much, when the movie came out there was these ************************ girls screaming who where seeing it (because they had tickets, plus i knew them) i told them this: "Shut up! Its just a ************************ movie thats about a bad singer who does nothing but "BABY BABBY OHHHHHH" And they started crying. I mean really. they are drama queens and and i think crying in a theater with alot of people ruins your reputation ALOT. because my friend did that when a movie she wanted to see so bad was sold out. and people where telling her to be quiet and stop being so immature. I'm not her friend anymore because shes friends with those other girls and she likes JB too plus she overreacts alot. so yeah, You do not want to be friends with those freak shows.

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    bad music ? JUSTIN BIEBER ! when he started acting in a foul mood here in the philippines ! i started hating his songs !

    here's the news !

    MANILA, Philippines – Manila may have just gotten a taste of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s alleged infamous reputation.

    The 17-year old singer, who left the country Wednesday morning, reportedly exhibited unfavorable behavior towards his waiting fans at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), according to reports by ABS-CBN and GMA.

    In videos aired on GMA’s “24 Oras” on Wednesday and on “Unang Hirit” the following day, Bieber can be seen walking hurriedly and, at one point, asking his fans to get out of his way.

    Another report on ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda” showed the pop star telling a cameraman, “Can you back up, bro? Thank you,” when the latter took footage of him up close while the singer and company were getting their luggage from the x-ray scanner.

    Following Bieber’s May 10 concert, Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton and Hollywood entertainment TV show “TMZ” wrote in their respective websites that the Canadian singer had already been feeling unwell even before arriving in the country.

    More, Bieber was said to have been diagnosed last week with a “bad chest infection,” and was “so ill” during his concert that he went backstage in between songs to vomit. The pop star had also mentioned his ill health on his Twitter account.

    Many of the Beliebers, the collective name for the singer’s fans, defended the singer and attributed this display of attitude to his current health condition.

    In any case, Bieber described his Manila show on his Twitter account as "great but tough."

    "even when im sick feels good to come on here and see the love. gonna rest up and hope to get better. ITHANKYOU," he said in another tweet on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, the same “UKG” report said that the singer was a no-show at his concert’s after party held at the Seventh High Lounge in Taguig on Tuesday night.

    It also showed a typed explanation by Seventh High’s Marketing Consultant Carmina Sanchez for Bieber’s absence, saying, “Masama ang pakiramdam ni Justin sa Singapore pa lang. Kaya rin siguro hindi ito naka-sipot sa party.” Bieber and his entourage were in Singapore prior to flying to Manila.

    In related news, a video titled “Justin Bieber - how arrogant can you be?” was posted on Wednesday by YouTube user v7andrea.

    The incident happened as Bieber made his way inside the plane. According to the video description, v7andrea’s father, an airport employee “in neon green vest” attempted to secure an autograph from the singer for v7andrea’s sister.

    “But take a look on what he did. He tapped my father's hand and the cd fell on the floor. Nobody from his crew helped him. Not even an apology from Justin Bieber himself.

    “Where are your manners now kiddo? i know you're sick but you could've at least said sorry you are not signing anything.

    “How could you do that to my father,” the rest of v7andrea’s description read.

    User comments on the video sharing site ranged from those condemning the singer’s behavior to those defending him. According to a report by PEP on Thursday, radio commentators such as dzMM’s John Ibaņez and former vice-president Noli de Castro have already criticized Bieber for this.

    More, PEP said that this resulted to the commentators receiving flak from diehard Beliebers, which purportedly included harsh comments and even swear words.

    As of this writing, the video already has 6,846 hits.

    Bieber was in the country for the first time on Tuesday for a sold-out, one-night only concert. Held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the show was part of his “My World 2011 Asian Tour.”

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    That has gotta be the longest forum post I seen on SanrioTown.
    Cinnamoroll and his friends will all ways give you a smile when your in a sad mood.

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    i hate reggaeton! i think that it is the only genre i really hate
    i like glee =), and i like pop, but from japan and korea

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    I'm getting tired of all the inappropriate songs on the radio... I like the beat of them but then I also listen to the lyrics and get totally disappointed. I can't really sing along without feeling silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudette4475@hellokitty.com View Post
    "Friday" is officially the most disliked video on Youtube, just though everyone would like to hear that.
    I laughed SO hard when I read that!

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    I like pop alot, and most of my friends don't like the songs on the radio, they like oldies songs. At my school when there are rallies they always play recent songs and make it into a race. They play a part and then whoever knows what song it is and the singer runs to the other side of the gym. I'm the only one of my friends who ever knows what songs they are. They always say I should do it, but I'm too slow. ^^"
    But anyway, I don't like Lady Gaga (I think she's a guy) or Rebecca Black. I don't like GLee much, though their version of "Friday" was better than Rebecca's. I don't like Kids Bop (MAN I HATE THEM!), and I'm not fond of rap. I don't like alot of rock either, like MCR (I like their song "Sing" tho). I used to like the JoBros, but since they split and Joe tried to go solo, I don't like him either. :P
    you're the reason why i smile(:

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