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    Depends on the occasion. When I'm at work I like to wear my sneakers (Adidas) because I have to rush to one room to the next. For everyday wear I love wearing my slippers because they're comfy. But if I'm dressed up then I have these absolute gorgeous s h o e s from Guess. XD

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    I like to wear mary janes or really cute sneakers. I got a new pair today, actually! Here is a link to the stock page. The tounges have this rippled shiny fabric on tem that was on my pajammies when I was a little kid. I loved the fabric then and I'm so excited I have a pair of s h o e s today with it! I know its a silly thing to be so excited for, though I don't care! They're adorable ha ha!!

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    I love s h o e s i like flats,heels and boots.

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    I've found myself really liking Michael Antonio s h o e s. They tend to be pretty unique and cute.

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    I love all s h o e s...especially shiny ones AND converse. Cant have too many s h o e s

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    Quote Originally Posted by abigailp1@hellokitty.com View Post
    I like flip flops and pumps i dont realy like high heels eithier theres these girls in my class Eliza and Freya they used to be my best friend there sort of still my best friend but what i dont like about them is there always showing off its like Freya wore 2ft lenth high heels to school your not aloud
    what do you think?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chica, i know how ya feel!! at my school its all about the s h o e s................ and we r southern!!!!

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    Ok, chica who started this thread, I know how you feel about falling in love with s h o e s but....................... I have those exacts s h o e s I wore them like two days ago I believe................... and yes they don't make them anymore. Sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlneve@hellokitty.com View Post
    I don't like heels, and I don't like open-toe s h o e s (i.e. flip flops). I'm more into Converse- type s h o e s(: It fits my personality better.
    I know someone who is like you, she likes converses so much she has rainboots that look like converses. Also, how did you get a picture on your profile?

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    moomoo, I will do anything to get those s h o e s... Heehee.
    The best things in life are free... Except for chocolate!

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    My favorite s h o e s are uggs. There like the most confortable boot i've ever had. When I where them I feel like I'm walking on clowds. I also love the way they make my legs look skinnyer then they are.

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