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    Cool Summer hair styles

    I have long straight hair with long layers; it goes mid way down my back. But as it gets closer to summer and the temperture rises, it is too hot to wear it down. I don't wanna cut is yet because I'm enjoying the length, so does anyone got ideas for cute summer up-dos for long hair?

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    Senior Member santa123fawr@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Shalour city? :o
    I like pigtails

    All that matters is I take care of my hair But they're fun though!hah

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    Since your hair is really long I do recommend pigtails too since it pulls the hair away from your neck ^^. A ponytail ends up irritating me during the summer since it still touches your neck if you have really long hair. I also like to tie mine up in an imperfect bun with two parts out to frame my face.

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    augh ! it's more comfortable when you pony your hair ^^

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    Ooh, I know your pain. Mine's curly and getting very long. I've been putting it in a cute bun like this and high and side ponytails. Sadly, I can't think of much else, because I don't know how to braid. Neither does my mom... :|
    Though, I'm sure braids would be fun, especially like that popular headband braid thing some people do.

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    This video was made last year,hope this helps.

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