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    My boyfriends name is Ray

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    I can't right his name up. T_T We like each other and he's the first person to pop up in google with just his first name.

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    My crush was staring at me today We have these after-school activities (called X-Block) and me, my bff, and my crush all got into the same X-block. We are all really good friends...so I was sitting there, and I see him out of the cornerof my eye, just...staring at me. And every time I look at him, he turns away~! ♥/////♥


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    Quote Originally Posted by addie123@hellokitty.com View Post
    i like 2 ppl... im just gonna tell the first letter of their first name...#1 is m...#2 is t
    okay ik who T is but please tell me M is not micheal
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    why do you care!?
    my crushs name is matthew
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    I still do not approve of this!!!!to much personol info!!!!
    I'm inactive. Thanks for everything.

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    I had a crush, but then they moved to another school. T_T

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    big mamma <<<<<<<<<<33333333333 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uhmm...nobody at the the moment. It's hard being autistic because i hate being cuddled and kissed. I also can't stand holding someone's hand. Maybe one day someone will respect my issues. But i used to have a crush on a boy named AJ but he moved away.

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    Wink i like a boy

    Quote Originally Posted by panda244@hellokitty.com View Post
    Hi!Just post FIRST names ONLY(if you now them personally)!Just a reminder! I like a guy named Ivan <3 hes so nice!
    and cute! You cloud post as much people as you want!And if it's a celeb then you can put there last name!
    hi i like a boy and he is cute.

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