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    and of course my boyfriend

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    lol!I might as well tell you about Ivan.
    Well he is tall and fun,he is sweet,funny,and not to popular.We talk a lot...but not like EVERYDAY.We mainly talk about movies,jokes,Ect., but we met in the beginning of the school year just not as friends,we were put in a group for science together and then I got to know him and so I started likening him after like two months.About 7 times I've been tempted to tell him I like him but I chickened out I don't know why though..I guess I was just being shy

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    Unhappy Love that can never be

    I like this boy named gabriel and the first time i saw him i was head over heels in love. He is my height ( i am not very tall, in fact im short 4 ft 6in) he is incredibly adorable and cute he is very popular intelligent and manly I absoulutly love him! I have never felt like that for a boy. i used to stare at him everyday and wish i could get close to him.I always felt so fuzzy inside and warm and i felt like he melts my heart near me . Oh how i wish i could be with him. I tied to ask him out a couple of times but i just couldnt because when i do i talk gibberish and he doesnt understand what i am sayin. i probably always looked like a fool in front of him but i always thought be a fool is better then being a quiter. One day i musterd up the courage to ask him out but he was busy. Then the second time i askd him out he refused and i cried. This mean kid in my class said he didnt want to go out with me because im ugly and that that is what he said. I cried even more breathed harder and choked over my words. I couldnt control myself and i cried a bucket of tears. Later on i was told he was looking all over for me telling me that he was so sorry and he never said that. I knew that guys needed space so i never asked him out again and my friends deceided to be idoits and ask him out again probably more than 3 or 4 times. I never meant for it to end this way i hated myself for days because i heard he said i was an annoying girl who is a stalker. That literally broke me into pieces. The person i loved most Truly hated me and i couldnt live with that. After that we just avoided each other completely. We used to at least say hi but now its nothing. I always wished and i wonder if he asked himself this: what would happened if she was mine? now im just a cold hearted girl who cant love no longer her heart was broken so many times i just give up on love theres no warm feeling anymore but i still love him a little
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    Also, i used to like this other guy named Marco and i went nuts crazy in love. All the girls in my school had curly and wavy hair while my hair was always straight. I thought if i made my hair curly hell like me. I washed my hair more than 5 times and i slept late because i tried to make it right but it would never work. The next day i was so tired i fianted on the stairs and fell. Then on valentines day i bought him candy hearts, chocolates, roses and a love letter telling him how i really feel about him. I was about to give it to him but he said no thankyou and he gave a bear and roses to another girl with curly hair. Do you see how bad in love i am?

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    Aww I am so sorry don't worry as my mother says "Men are ************************"!
    Don't worry love will find you

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    Aww.. it just doesn't sound like you haven't met the guy for you yet, akemi The others aren't necessarily "************************" they just have different tastes. They might even look back to when you confessed how you feel and regret rejecting you. You'll also probably meet some guys that really like you, but you don't feel the same way.

    Either way, best of luck! ^^

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    I like my Husband, well, der, I married him. haah ha. xD

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    LOL kelsey i like....
    the FT Island guys...
    Hong Ki
    the guy who played Shin Woo in You're Beautiful
    Seung Gi
    No min woo (epic guy)

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    i used to like this guy in my class but then he moved. <_<
    Now i like someone who isnt real...warning this might be strange.......
    I like Cartman from south park.
    i dont like any real boys so i just like cartman, whenever i feel lonely i talk to him in my dreams.
    go ahead, laugh all you want. i don't care.
    the only problem is that when i see other people talking about this sort of thing, i feel really lonely.
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    First i wanna say that im really bad at writing stuff like this so this will sound very weird(and my first language isn't english so that will probably affect too, im bad at writing stuff like this on my own language too), but anyway, there's this one Matt that i like more than as just a friend. Met him long ago on wow when he tried to fight loads of hordes all alone, it ended badly btw xD. He become my best friend very quickly, and i think it has been little over a year from when i realised i like him a lot, and not just as a friend, I love him.

    We haven't met in real life since we live in different countries, but we play wow together and talk in msn everyday and sometimes on webcam(well i don't have one but he does so it's him using it..)
    When i realised i like him more than just as a friend it confused me,it was new to me. I didn't dare to confess it to anyone, not until one of our friends told me she's crushing on him, then i confessed because i was happy i have someone to talk about it. Her crush has passed nowdays btw, now she's on Jb and Shane..

    There's something in his personality i really like, he's really confident and loud xD and i dunno.. I like his voice too and even tho looks aren't that important for me, i love his looks too <3. I've had a rought past, got bullied in school and lost almost all my friends and self confidience etc, and got badly scarred, but he has helped me heal.

    I kinda wish i could tell him, but it might mess things up, and besides he is on a relationship nowdays.. But i kinda suspect that in some level he does know, one of our other friends has suspected it so when the same friend who had crush on Matt told this other friend about it, he said he had suspected it. And because this friend(the one who had crush on Matt), has showd him some of mine and her msn conversations considering him.. She was supposed not to tell anything but she has showd loads, im not sure how much info she has given but pretty much.

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