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    Rate What The Person Above Me Is Listening To

    Rate the song what the person above you is listening to from a 1-10 rating scale, with 1 being "Horrible/Never want to hear that again" and 10 being "WOW! Amazing!!"
    You can post any type of song/instrumental/etc! You can even tell your reasoning for a rating if you like.


    ~You must post artist name and track name (If you can).
    ~You must provide a URL to listen to the track (YouTube, Soundcloud, Esnips,, etc.)
    ~You cannot rate your own tracks or double post.
    ~Please don't post if you don't have a free link to your song since there is no point if the person under you can't hear it.

    Let's start ^_^
    Song: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Piano performed by Sakamoto Ryuichi
    (坂本 龍一)

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    10/10 AMAZING

    REAL FACE by KAT-TUN, single
    I love KAT-TUN and Junnosuke Taguchi!! <3

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    Thread locked.
    Reminder to all: Please do not post just for the sake of posting or just for making your number of posts high. Make your posts count.

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