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    Any flute players?

    Anyone ehre play the flute?
    i don't know if this goes in creativity though... well anyways who here does play the flute?
    If you do modernflutesheetmusic you know what http://modernflutemusic.blogspot.com/
    there i was too lazy to write LOL well here is a palce to get music for your flute and its not sheeymusic.

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    hi i stiill play the flute. i can still remmeber it. love un

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    yay! On my blog i have some stuff....just Baby by JB (i wanted to annoy my mom LOL) and the intro for Because I'm ************************ by SS501

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    i have play the flute since i was in middle school. so it is fun. love un

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    Think Pink eliz_0311@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    i have play the flute before when i was a little it's fun !

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    This is great! Thanks for sharing

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    I have been playing the flute for a while.

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    I started playing flute when I was 9 and played until I was 19. Id love to start playing again...just dont have the time. I also played piccolo, base drum and a little piano (but not very good at that). I loved being in band and playing instruments!
    Miss it!!!!
    Thanks for the link Panda...I will pass that on to my younger cousins who still play!

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    ╰☆╮I AM A SUPERSTAR╰☆╮ melindavang@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I don't know how to play Flute. But i know how to play the Recorder. I'm going to learn how to play Flute next year though

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