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    Post How do you get started?

    I have never been into fashion and am now beginning to show an interest. Where do you look for good fashion beginner tips? Or does anyone have any good fashion beginner tips?

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    Senior Member rikki21@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I would say...Google!

    To be honest I'm not sure. There are a couple of interesting sites out there, though you'll have to be careful when listening to the information as some are just bogus.

    My beginner fashion tip: Wear what you're comfortable with! If something is "in fashion" but really uncomfortable, don't wear it! Don't forcibly change yourself just to fit in.

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    Yes I have some tips!
    Rikki was right never buy anything just to fit in if it's not comfortable or not you.
    The best way is to pick out things you like that let your personality shine through like accessories.
    But here are my tips and how I started when I was a pre teen with a mixture of now

    1.) look at magazines that are close to your age or celebs who are caught in their casual wear, if you see something you like keep an eye out for it when you go shopping. You may find your own adaptation of it!

    2.) identify your body shape and size and love it! You are unique and should always embrace that!

    3.) if you live in the states try to catch shows like what not to wear they will teach you how to cater to your body shape

    4.) always buy what fits, too baggy or too tight is usually not the way to go about it.

    And most of all shopping should be fun so don't give yourself any unnecessary hurdles by shopping in the wrong sections, and go with a friend or family member you can trust to be nice but honest

    Happy hunting!

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    Thanks so much for answering. It's a relief to know that it wasn't as hard as I was making it out to be.

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    I come up with my own fashion. I'm a bit on the weirder side so my fashion is pretty wild or fun. Go with what you like and take it from there. Pick colors and styles of things you like and you can come up with your own style.

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    I don't believe in fashion, I believe in style!! My style veers away from the fashionable side, as it is mainly graphic tees, old jeans, and sometimes a cat-print sweater, bwahaha. Fashion, shmashion, I just wear what I like!!
    The best things in life are free... Except for chocolate!

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    Just pick the colors and patterns that you like. Then complement it all with little accessories, like earrings, or a cool belt. All in all, wear whatever you like, stay modest, and let your creativity shine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudette4475@hellokitty.com View Post
    I don't believe in fashion, I believe in style!! My style veers away from the fashionable side, as it is mainly graphic tees, old jeans, and sometimes a cat-print sweater, bwahaha. Fashion, shmashion, I just wear what I like!!
    Hahahaha I like your thinking!! Well, as far as "not fashion- style" part.
    I wear what I wanna wear, and look like how I wanna look like. I don't care if the fashion police come after me, they can't change my personality and who I am. But a lot of people like to stay "in style", then again, not EVERYONE can pull off the latest trends.

    Be natural; don't let the fashion industry make you seem like you're not going to get anywhere in life looking like you want to and not how they want you to.

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    I find websites or online stores that I really like and analyze the styles! I save all the outfits that I love! Don't buy a lot but buy what you love, I think that's good advice. ^^ When you're looking at outfits, try to recognize the reoccurring themes or trends, find what it is that you like about it. Buy things that are as versatile as possible! What I mean is, when you're thinking of buying a pair of shoes, you should buy the shoes that will make the most outfits possible look their best. It's great to have one good outfit, but it's better to be able to mix and match in infinite ways and still look good! Get it?

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    First, you have to find what style you love the most. Search online and research. Once you know what you like, you can create anything you want. Just make sure you are comfortable in it. Don't follow evert single new fad or trend. Stick with what you like. You don't alwats have to buy new outfits. Mix and match your current wardrobe and you might be surprised how fashionable you already are.

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