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    Ok now I'm REALLY mad because I only grew a quarter of an inch in almost a year and a half. The doctor said I'm most likely not going to grow anymore She was rude about it and told me to get over it and now I'm really sad that I'm most likely not going to get taller than my mom who's 4"11 1/2 :'(
    Now no pants fit me and I like the website yesstyle.com but I don't know if my mom likes it. It's really hard shopping for clothes and I don't look normal like everyone else when I do wear' normal' clothes.
    I'm short for pants to fit me and hemming them is annoying since I don't know how to and neither does my mom. I hate being short and having to go to GYMBOREE to buy pantspants! since its the only place that sell pants that FIT Gkjgkfgskd (it really mad and sad and all my friends are taller than me)
    Nevermind the lolita idea since it's most likely never going to happen. I really hate today's clothing ):

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    My best friend is the same height as your mom and she feels the same way as you do. And she would have to go to children's clothing stores to buy her jeans as well. And if she got skinny jeans they wouldn't really be skinny on her and she would have to cuff them up. But I always tell her that she looks beautiful, and she does. And I'm pretty tall but I wish I was shorter because my friends are all short and i'm this big ol' girl towering over them. We both wish we looked like the other, and it might be the whole "grass is greener" thing. I think that we're all pretty self conscious about the way we look and we tend to compare ourselves to others, and we don't realize that other people may be comparing themselves to us.

    Wear what you like. Develop your own sense of style. Don't worry about today's trends or where you buy your clothes. Don't try to meet other people's expectations. I tried to do that and it only got me frustrated so I was better off just dressing in a way that made me feel good regardless of what the label on the clothes said. You are beautiful!

    And you would probably look adorable in lolita coords.
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    Aww thanks :') that really made me feel better ( tried asking the same question a week ago on another website...felt really silly after reading them only like 3 people gave me proper advice and weren't rude about it) If I wear what I like my parents say it's trashy I wear clothes I'm comfortable in but they still don't like it. I don't get what's bad about it, it looks like kid's clothing but not like I'm trying to be 18 when I'm only around 13...

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