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    I eat cooked vegetables pretty often. They're tasty. Japanese sweet potatoes are probably my favorite!

    I don't care for raw veggies much but I don't really have too bad a dislike for them. In fact, earlier this year, I was into raw baby carrots for a short while

    I even ate a few raw green veggies yesterday, before my mom cooked them up for herself (she LOVES her vegetables by the way!!!), and found them rather tasty XD

    I prefer eating fruit, though. It's sweeter I have a bit of a sweet tooth; even though I don't eat most 'typical' sweets (i eat candy but mainly/only nutrition bars and my ice cream tend's to be this one kind that's sugar free! I also eat manuka honey and drink coconut milk oh and we have these popsicles that have real fruit puree and sugar in them right now lol those are good too :3 also, i don't eat cake, cookies, pastries, or drink soda or juice. for the most part my mom only really buy's stuff like that for my brother who's a lot more picky than me about 'healthy' foods just to get him to eat well haha).

    I probably like most fruits!!! But i don't really care for grapes and apples so much. I think my favorite fruit right now is either pineapples or mangoes
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