If you're like me, you really hate the idea of forcing enough vegetables down your throat to meet your nutritional requirement. The way I get my servings is through the use of fruits! You can blend together a natural juice or smoothie using both vegetables (any kind) and fruits! The fruit will mask the flavor of the vegetables, and by drinking the mixture, it takes less time and hassle.

I think of it like taking a vitamin supplement just down the hatch!

I also use a President's Choice product called PC Blue Menu 3 Servings Fruit & Vegetables- Blueberry, Beet & Concord Grape. It basically tastes like a sweetened wine and I just swallow it down like medicine.

Ingredients are: Water and concentrated fruit and vegetable juice [blueberry, purple carrot, red beet, concord grape and cucumber, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)]. How sneaky!

How do you guys get your vegetables in every day?