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    My mom is my inspiration. We have been through a lot and she still stands strong

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    Red face i'd saY............

    I'd be inspierd by music and artisit

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    idk :P
    hello kitty!!

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    Exclamation kk

    kid rock after u hear his story of life u feel his pain and get wer he gets his song from my favorite song of his is picture feat-grecthen wilson

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    Jesus christ

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    For me, it changes. I think what is a consistent inspiration is my friends. Love those crazy punks!

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    My best friend, Music,and My family!

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    So many things inspire me! Music, movies, others' artwork, anime, books, and all sorts of stuff! ^///^ I just need to act more on my inspiration...

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    Music inspires me very much! I also become inspired by nature... It is most beautiful to me. Certain textures or feelings against my skin will inspire me as well. I know that last one is really wierd, but it's very true!

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    Smile =)

    My Relatives inspire me... yay a post again!

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