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    Exclamation Help needed urgently! Problem with Dream Studio Video

    I just made a video in Dream Studio and published it. It works fine. And i click Edit Details and alter some changes in the tags. Then when i saved it. The video couldn't load. It got stuck at 83%. And when I click Edit Video, I found out that all the pictures in my videos are gone. Only blank slides left. It happened to me when I made 2 previous video as well. I was forced to delete them because they wouldn't load and the slides turned blank. Please help. Thank you. This is my video link-

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    That happens to me too. You click on the blank slides and it will look like the pictures turned very small. You have to delete those pictures and upload the normal pictures back onto the slides. When you save the video, you must be able to see the video again. If this doesn't help, maybe it's because sometimes when you save videos, they save as two videos, but both are the same. One says "Private" and the other one says "Public", delete the one that says "Private", and if this doesn't help you should send an e-mail. I hope this helps!


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    It seems the problem has been solved.

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