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    Maths/Science Problems? We explain it!

    So, when I was answering to this post I went off tangent (as always) and started to explain Maths in a totally unnecessary fashion. My little brother, who was there, suggested me I made a thread for the subjects people find most difficult...

    Maths/Algebra/Physics/Chemistry/Biology Problems?

    Don't understand your teacher?

    We explain it!!

    (And solve it)

    Help each other to have good grades in school!

    1. You may ask any thing about either Maths or Algebra or Physics or Biology or Chemistry.
    2. We will explain it and solve it.
    3. All questions will be treated as urgent.
    4. If you only want a solution, we will not do it. Stop being lazy!!! We will not do your homework!
    5. Please don't ask just for the sake of asking theoretical answers (example: why greater bodies have greater gravity? OR culd smbdy explain me plz oxidativ phsphorylatn????). We deal with cold, hard numbers.
    6. You need to state what you need help with. There are lots of ways to solve a problem and sometimes teachers want specific ones!!! (for example, in Maths, you title your post "completing the square, help plz!!!!" and then write, "I can't solve this problem: 4X^2 - X + 1 Could somebody explain?")
    7. You will use standard notation (that is F = ma, f(X)= X + 5, e^X=2; etc)
    8. You will not say "Could somebody explain me this pleaseee! I have an exercise tomorrow!!" or variations thereof. This is more of a practical reason: Your questions may not be answered in the same day because people may forget to drop by, so there's no point in saying it.
    9. If the teacher gives you a practice paper and don't understand anything, pick a problem and ask for an explanation. Most of the time problems in practices are solved exactly the same way
    Please use it well!! This is for the benefit of everybody!!

    Are you good in Chemistry? algebra? Anything? Then exercise that brain and help somebody for god's sake!!!

    (Ohh boy... Now I know where my Chemistry questions will end).

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