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Thread: Hello! ^_^

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    Hi Jessika! ^^ When you right-click a farm certificate, it unlocks your farm at the Farm Manager. The first Farm Manager that gives you access to your farm's settings is in the Farm Market in Florapolis. Just talk to him and go to the settings to switch farms.

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    Sorry that I didn't read through your post more thoroughly before now. (I don't check the forum's much ... as you can see from my post count. ) That's terrible to hear about your pet/farm/house, but the good news is that as Ly said it's normal that the farm certificates disappear when right-clicked. After you use the farm certificate, you can talk to the farm manager and be able to switch to that farm.

    One thing to be aware of, though, is that can look a little confusing since you can't switch to a farm that is a higher level than your farming skill. So once you've planted enough seeds that your farming skill is 4, then you can talk to the farm manager and see that your farm is finally able to be selected. I hope things work out better for you from here on out. Welcome to the game.
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